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Inspiration #1

Inspiration #2

Inspiration #3

inspo1Matthew 19:26

Amazing Grace, performed by Aubrey

Hey, I’m not all that great a singer but I thought it might be fun to put some audio files on here. Amazing grace is a pretty song, better if I don’t slaughter it with my voice of course, but still.


Fireworks, sparks, laughter, bang,

Fireworks, heat, cokes, clang,

Fireworks, whistle,  popping,

Fireworks, music, rocking!



Luck, it is like a wind, drifting from one person to another. One day you may be as lucky as can be, and the next, as lucky as a slow duck in hunting season.

Or is there really such thing as luck? Does fate decide what days we’ll be “lucky”?

The good LORD decides weather we’re lucky or not, yes, we have the power to make our own decisions, but he can help us make the right ones.

That’s what I think.



Wind, it batters the house,

Wind, it scares more than a mouse,

Wind it blows hard all night long,

Wind, some people think it’s just wrong.

Wind, it blows seed of all kind,

Wind, no master will it mind.

Wind, not tame in any way,

Wind, I wonder if it’ll blow today?

Wind, without it there’d be no kite.

Wind, what is there to fight?



Why? Why do you torture me so?

Why? Why do you hate me so?

What? What have I done to you?

What? What, have I tortured you?

How? How could you deal out this pain?

Because I am Jesus, born to be slain. 

Swim: a poem




Swim, like a fish in the sea,

Swim, like a little fishy,

Swim, as if you were me,

For I am a fish in sea.

Yes I am a fish in the sea.


People are amazing,

People are fantastic,

Just look what we have done,

People are impossible,

According to science,

But yet here we are!

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