Light of the World

John 8:12 Says that Jesus is the light of the world. If we have Jesus in our hearts, then are we too light of the world? I think we should be. We should shine with the light of Jesus, by honoring Him with our actions and words- with our lives. We way we live our lives can show so, so much about us. Our faith should be a big part of our daily lives, a part so big that others can point and say, “Hey, that person shines with the light of Jesus!” If we live like everybody else, then we are a like a burnt out light-bulb in a room full of burnt out light bulbs; we don’t do any good. If we live like we have Jesus in our hearts, then we are a functional light-bulb in a room full of broken ones. We shed light on the broken, just like, if we live the way Jesus wants us to, we can shed light on the broken-hearted’s lives.

Ask yourself this question, and answer honestly, are you a functional, dim, or broken light-bulb?

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