Christianity is Doing

“Our actions speak louder than our words.”

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? The answer is fairly simple, but it will change your life. The word “disciple” is about a student or apprentice. Disciples back when Jesus day would follow their rabbi, or teacher, wherever he went, learning from his rabbi’s teaching, and being trained to do as his rabbi did. Basically,  a disciple is a follower, but only if we take the word follower very literally. Becoming a disciple of Jesus  is as simple as obeying His call to follow.


When Jesus called His first disciples  they probably didn’t know where  Jesus would take them, or the amazing impact it would have on their lives, but they knew that they were called to follow.  They took Jesus’ call literally and began following everywhere He went and doing everything He did.

It’s impossible  to be a follower of someone and not end up like that person. Jesus said, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone, when he is fully trained he will be like his teacher. ” (Luke 6:40). That’s the whole point of being a disciple of Jesus: we imitate Him, and we carry on His ministry  in the process.

Yet somehow many have come to believe  that you can be a “Christian” without being like Christ. A follower who doesn’t follow. How does that work? Answer, it doesn’t. Many people have chosen to take on the name of Christ and do nothing else.




(This idea was taken from Francis Chan’s “Multiply” Unfortunately I have not reached the level of faith to write something like that yet. )

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