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Have you ever read the verse in the Bible where Jesus, son of God let the children sit on his lap? Well in that verse Jesus tells His disciples, that until they are like one of those children they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What can this possibly mean? That Jesus wants us to become as ignorant as a child? Of course not! I think it means that we are supposed to become as humble as a small child. After all, a small child feels no shame in asking somebody bigger than them to help them reach something on the top shelf. A small child feels no shame in the fact that he knows he can’t do everything, he knows he’s going to need help with somethings, and this is how Jesus wants us to feel with Him, and with God. When we mess up we know we need help to fix it. We may not admit it but deep down we know. Some loads are just to big for us to carry by ourselves and the only one who can help us with that is our Father in Heaven. I’m not saying that we need to ask for help in everything we do, but try to let go of your pride and ask for help when you need it. Because you will at some point. And the more you practice asking for it the easier it will become for us to wash clean of our sins when it is time. So today, when you need help with something, just ask for it. In the long wrong you will thank yourself.


-Aubrienna Bernice Carr

Post Author: Aubrey Carr

Howdy Y'all! I'm just a 16-year-old girl from Texas trying to spread the love of Jesus :)

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  1. Very nice Aubrienna…and a child also loves everyone and everything in an unfiltered and unbiased way with an open mind and open heart.

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