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How many times has a question popped up in your head and you either didn’t know the answer and ignored it, or avoided the answer because you didn’t really want to think about it? The society we live in today tells us to shove those questions back down are throat, because they have no business being out in the world to be considered, this is wrong in so many ways! Not only are these questions very important, but the discoveries you make when digging for the truth are priceless. I don’t know how many times a random idea popped up in my head and i just ignored it. Why? Because, we have been taught by the world around us that normal (air quotes here because nothing is normal) is good, and new ideas not brought to you by the industries around the world is bad. Take a moment to think on this. Somebody had the idea for that amazing new gadget you see advertized on TV. Any one of those random ideas could be amazing! I was doing my Bible study the other day and I told myself, the next idea I have, big or small, I will try. Okay, craziest thing. I was running out of paper in my mini notebook to take my notes, plus it was a pain in the neck to hold the Bible the note book, the pen, the highlighters and the study book all at the same time, so I was like, “Why not take a giant poster-board, tape it to my wall, and take my notes on that? One of the best things I ever did to improve my Bible study. I was studying questions and answers, which gives you questions and you must think up answers, such as “What would your ideal life be?” Or some that require a bit more studying: “Do you believe in absolute truth?” So, I would be writing down the questions in my smallest handwriting on this ginormous poster-board, and I would then have to answer these questions, in my own words. I filled up the whole poster in less than 24 hours. Question after question would pop up in my head, and answer by answer I made my way down the page. With each answered question came a sense of relief, and fulfillment. I found myself at the bottom of the page and was overcome with a huge sense of pride and relief and accomplishment. I haven’t stopped since. I never run out of questions to ask and the answers are always somewhere nearby if you just… look. Everyone of us has these ideas every single day, and yet, how many of them are actually tried? It doesn’t have to be a major breakthrough! Just those tiny, so-called unimportant thoughts that flutter in and out of our minds like butterflies can be of the utmost importance. Ideas like taking an oversized piece of paper, taping it to your wall over all your drawings and quotes, can do you more good than all the “breakthrough” ideas of others, after all, everyone has to start somewhere. So I challenge you to not let any of those Could-Be-breakthrough ideas go untried. Now I’m not saying to go jump off a building because you think you can fly, ideas must be weeded through before put into action. So go about your day and catch those butterfly thoughts, weed though them, pick the most beautiful one, and shine your light unto the world.



Aubrienna Bernice Carr


P.S. I had an ^ Idea for a really cool pen name.

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Howdy Y'all! I'm just a 16-year-old girl from Texas trying to spread the love of Jesus :)

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